Aluminium-Clad timber or Alu-Wood Windows and Doors – A highly durable, very low-maintenance, versatile solution for domestic and commercial applications.

Alu-Wood combines wooden frames with a protective aluminum layer on the outsides and naturally finished wood on the inside. They are a great choice for people who want low maintenance, high insulation values, flexible finishing on the inside, and the strength features offered by aluminum on the outside of the door window. With Aluminium-Clad timber, the added layer of protection and finish allows windows and doors to withstand even the most severe conditions and Easily adds another 10 years to their life expectancy.

The combination of superior craftsmanship, thermal performance and long-term durability make Alu-Wood Windows and Doors ideal for modern new build or refurbishments with a focus on energy efficiency.

A wide assortment of Colours, glazing and opening functions available in the market allows you to customize them to meet your exact needs.

In Looks – Aesthetic

They are not as low profile as normal aluminium windows so the sash and frame will be more visible.

Energy Efficiency & Maintenance

From an Energy Saving point of view, Alu-Wood is best. But manufacturing brand and manufacturing process also has an important role.

In the always busy schedule, there are very few people who can dedicate extensive time to maintaining their home’s doors & windows. With Alu-Wood systems, you don’t have to. The aluminium cladding easily manages the extremes of weather. As a result, Alu-Wood Systems barely need any maintenance when compared to other single material-based doors and windows. For example, Just timber alone will require a lot more time and effort to maintain.

Cost of Point View

Alu-Wood or Aluminium-clad wood doors windows are probably the most expensive material systems. They can cost you more than twice or thrice the cost of a Normal Aluminium door window.

Alu-Wood Aluminium Cladding Section

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