A fixed window(also called a picture window), as the name suggests Fixed on a particular area that can’t be open in any way.

If you need more light in your particular room or area of space? And, Where ventilation doesn’t require. Being fixed, you can have a fixed window with Bigger & transparent glass, so that they bring more light into that area and your house.

When You need a better & bigger view of the outsides without any operational systems, You can go with fixed(picture) windows as Wide as Possible to enjoy the ambiance outside without any disturbances.

Energy Efficient Point of View
Saving on energy consumption is meant to cool and warm your house. This turn saves you a lot on monthly electric bills. In some conditions, a Fixed window is not Good for a single area or space where only one source ventilation. By opening and closing your windows, you manage the levels of cool & warmth in the house.

Fixed Aluminium windows are cheaper to maintain than any other window type. Fixed windows are easy to clean and maintenance-free.

You can design your Fixed window like this:


Inspirational Fixed Windows Images

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