Aluminium or uPVC” which one is better for Doors and Windows? You may have read many comparisons articles. Many Bloggers and Editors have written on this topic. But no one wrote clearly which Aluminum is Being compared with uPVC. There are many types of Aluminium. Aluminum 7075 is used in aircraft, missiles, spacecraft, and other defense applications. This Aluminium is not good for Doors and Windows.Then why people compare A 99% Pure Soft Aluminium with perfectly made Rigid Plastic – uPVC.

So we thought let’s open this secret in front of everyone and see who is better among these two. Let’s start and compare it. We’re comparing here between Aluminium 6060/6063 & uPVC made Profiles/Frames.

We’re not going to Comparing here door window’s features. Door Window’s features are depend on profiles based system configurations. Like: Thermal Insulation, Soundproof, System Security Locks, Colour Coating, Single Double or Triple Glazed, Rubber Gasket etc. You can add all these features in both Aluminium and uPVC Profiles.

Then what makes different these Two. Let’s comparing their profiles.

Start from uPVC Frame

There are many advantages presents in uPVC and it is also good for tropical climates, But here we’re writing some other hidden truths.

  1. uPVC Door Windows Frames/Profiles are look bulky. Not like Slim Aluminium Frame. Why? You Must know that uPVC is a petroleum-based product. In another language, it is called Rigid Plastic.(A plasticizer (UK: plasticiser) is a substance that is added to a material(PVC) to make it softer and more flexible. In PVC material, if it is not present or absent then we called them uPVC. “u” means unpresent.) It has its own limitations of being thin because of glass weight.
  2. This uPVC material is proportional to the heat change. So the size of the Door Windows can change with the outside’s extreme 40°C+ temperature. Place like: Delhi, India Climate. At 40°C it is possible for uPVC frames to expand by up to 2.4cm.
  3. White uPVC has been known to yellow with age. uPVC does need a regular wash to keep it looking fresh and bright white as dust and dirt builds up especially on white frames. Default White uPVC frames are cheaper but Powder coated are 15-20% costlier.
  4. uPVC windows are Good for cold environments, and Heat & Direct Sun-lights is their biggest enemy. Later results is unwanted crackings on the frame. 6060 & 6061 Aluminum Never Crack.
  5. In-home fire accident It will be melt. 6060 & 6061 Aluminium Never melt and even Wood also never melt (Melt through closer heat). It means it is scrap. After any such Incident, this type scrap has No Resale Value (in many countries), and it is Harmful for Our Environment. In other hand Aluminium scrap has Good resale value because it is 100% recyclable metal infinite times.
  6. A Sudden Small accident can happen at any time and, it can change the whole door or window’s look forever. Like this:
Burn & Melted uPVC Frame
Burn & Melted uPVC Frame
Cracked uPVC Frame
upvc burning video

Now! Aluminium 6060, 6063 Frame

  1. You will hear that Aluminium is costlier than uPVC. Yes it is true. Aluminium is little Costlier than uPVC. After all it is not made by Human.
  2. Aluminium can recycle infinitive times. It means your old scarps have Good value
  3. In a home fire accident, Frame never melt or change his shape at 40°C+ temperature.
  4. 6060 & 6061 Aluminium Frame, It will gives you a Surety of Safety, Corrosion-free Long Satisfaction Life, Plus A Royal elegant looks in your property.
  5. 6060 & 6061 is A Very Good Aluminum for all climates. It does not absorb that much heat or cold where bloggers and content writers wrote in many websites, Do not believe in these. Just think, A Door or Window’s single slim frame can change the whole room’s temperature? Just think yourselves.
  6. Pure Aluminium is Soft but When they alloy 2-3% of Silicon, Copper Magnesium, Manganese, Magnesium, Titanium, Zinc and Iron to make it strong. This way 6060 & 6063 Aluminium Born. Aluminium 6060 & 6063 T5/T6 metal is Good for use in Doors & Windows, Pipe, Railing, Furniture, and other Decorative items.
  7. About Corrosion: There are Many types of Aluminium and Aluminium 6060, 6063 T5/T6 is perfect metal for Door Windows. It is corrosion free. But why we talking about corrosion? Then what’s the use of High Quality Powder Coat or Anodized. Just think yourselves again.

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