Aluminium-Clad timber, also known as Alu-Wood Windows and Doors, is a type of construction that offers exceptional durability, minimal maintenance, and great versatility for both residential and commercial purposes.

The Alu-Wood system combines the use of wooden frames with a protective layer of aluminum on the exterior, while the interior showcases the natural beauty of finished wood. These windows and doors are an excellent choice for individuals seeking a low-maintenance solution with high insulation properties. They also provide flexible finishing options on the inside and benefit from the strength and resilience of aluminum on the outside. By incorporating an aluminum cladding layer, these windows and doors gain enhanced protection and durability, enabling them to withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions. This added layer extends their lifespan by approximately 10 years.

Alu-Wood Windows and Doors are particularly well-suited for contemporary new constructions and energy-efficient renovations, thanks to their superior craftsmanship, thermal performance, and long-term resilience.

To cater to various preferences, the market offers a wide range of colors, glazing options, and opening functions for customization, allowing individuals to tailor the windows and doors to their specific requirements.

It’s worth mentioning that, from an aesthetic standpoint, Alu-Wood Windows and Doors have a slightly different profile compared to standard aluminum windows. As a result, the sash and frame of these windows and doors are more visible.

Energy Efficiency & Maintenance

”’Alu-Wood”’ is a highly regarded option in terms of energy conservation. Nevertheless, it is worth acknowledging the substantial influence exerted by the manufacturing brand and process.

Within the context of contemporary hectic lifestyles, a limited number of individuals are able to devote substantial time to the upkeep of their residential doors and windows. Alu-Wood systems alleviate this concern. The inclusion of aluminium cladding in these systems effectively withstands adverse weather conditions, leading to minimal maintenance obligations in comparison to doors and windows constructed from a single material. For instance, the maintenance of timber alone necessitates significantly more time and effort.

Cost Perspective

Alu-Wood or aluminium-clad wood doors and windows are generally considered the most expensive material systems. They can cost more than twice or thrice the price of normal aluminium doors and windows.

Alu-Wood Aluminium Cladding Section

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