If you’re looking for Strong and Safety glass for your Aluminium Doors and Windows, then you have two options: Toughened Glass & Laminated Glass. Both the Glass have distinct individual properties that make them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Toughened Glass

Toughened means very Stronger than normal.

Toughened Glass(also called Tempered Glass), is a high-strength glass that is up to 5x times stronger than normal glass.
To make toughened glass, a standard strength pane of glass is heated to a high temperature and then rapidly cooled – forming an incredibly durable outer layer that can withstand impacts and temperature changes with ease. Watch this 1-min video.

Laminated Glass

Normal glass has low strength and durability. And when normal glass breaks. it breaks into sharp edges peaces which is not good from safety point of view. To solve this problem Laminated glass is designed which is also known as Safety Glass. Laminated glass is designed to stay intact when shattered, and the consists of two or more pieces of glass sandwiching a plastic interlayer that is usually made from EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate), PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) or SGP (Sentryglas Plus). PVB & SGP widely used by Glass Industry.

Both Glass are usually manufactured using the same process of applying heat and pressure to the glass to melt the layer in between which then acts as a glue, bonding the panes together.

Laminated Glass
Glass Laminating Process (Image Credit: Cornwall Glass)

In Strength: PVB Laminated glass is weaker than SGP glass. That is the reason We recommend using PVB for internal glazing and SGP for external glazing with exposed edges.

Yellowness: Yellowness in Glass (Change in Colour of the Glass from ideal white to Yellow): PVB made glass can turn into yellow after long use of service. SGP made glass are much more clear than PVB and does not easily turn to yellow in any outer weather conditions.

Where use & Cost

PVB made Glass used in Railing, Fencing, Staircase, Flooring, Shower room, Table Top, in Doors and Windows, Room Partition, Skylights, Curtain Wall, Wind Shields and Bulletproof Glass.

SGP made glass used as a Bullet proof glass, Explosion proof glass, use in Outer Railing, Skylights, Staircase made from Glass, Glass Floor, Outer Gallery/Balcony Fencing, Canopy & Very Large Partitions.

Cost of Point: PVB is far less than SGP. SGP is more expensive than PVB laminated Glass. PVB is more Cost effective than SGP laminated glass.

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