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Hence, we decided to create a platform where people can access all this information about aluminium and related topics. This led to the establishment of Aluminium Magazine in August 2009 in its printed version and created on July 30, 2012. We decided to stop the printed version and contribute to making our planet safer by going paperless.

About Aluminium Magazine:

Aluminium Magazine is a platform that offers homeowners, businesses, and professionals informative articles on the latest design trends, aluminium prices, and best architectural practices in the aluminium door and window sector. Additionally, visitors can explore the latest news in the aluminium industry and business from around the world. All the information they need can be found at

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We know that aluminium is a highly recyclable material and also controls the global market, developed and developing country economies, jobs, and market share. But still we feel that the market share of aluminium should increase as compared to the rest. As the voice of an industry, it’s our mission to educate people about aluminium and its benefits so we can increase its utility and save our planet at the same time.

We expand the market for aluminium products by helping businesses and advertisers interested through this website.

Our original content is in English language which includes all information, news headlines, aluminium prices and advertisements, which is available and accessible for free. But user or visitor can easily change the language to their understandable mother tongue. This allows him to easily read and understand the information he wants.

Now Whether you are an Aluminium Business or a homeowner: Use Aluminium Magazine, Read it and Benefit from it.

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