Fly screens are important because they stop annoying bugs from getting inside while letting in fresh air. To keep them working well and lasting a long time, you can follow these simple steps: 

For Fly Screens Cleaning – Things You Need: 

– Soft brush or Vacuum Cleaner 

– Mild dish Soap or Screen cleaning solution 

– Soft Cloth or Sponge

– Bucket of Water 

– Towel or Drying cloth 

Step-by-Step Guide: 

1. Get Your Supplies Ready: Gather all the things you need for cleaning the screens. This makes the process easier. 

Removing Fly Screen

2. Take off the Screens: Carefully remove the screens from your aluminum windows so they don’t get damaged.

Fly Screens

3. Get Rid of Dust and Dirt: Use a soft brush or a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean off the dirt and debris. Pay attention to the corners and edges. 

aluminium windows Fly Screens cleaning

4. Prepare for Cleaning: Mix a little bit of mild dish soap or screen cleaning solution with water in a bucket. 

Fly Screens cleaning

5. Clean the Screens: Dip a soft cloth or sponge in the soapy water and wipe the screens from top to bottom. If there’s tough dirt, you can use a soft brush, but don’t use anything rough.

6. Rinse: Use a hose or clean water to rinse the screens and get rid of the soap. 

After Cleaning Drying on Open Air Fly Screen

7. Let Them Dry: Shake off the extra water and pat the screens with a towel. Wait for them to dry in the air before you put them back. 

Reinstalling Fly Screen

8. Put Them Back: Once the screens are dry, place them back securely in the aluminum frames. 

Maintenance Tips – Keep Them Nice

Dusting Monthly: Lightly dust the screens with a brush or vacuum every month. 

Deep Cleaning Seasonally: Do a thorough cleaning at the beginning of each season, or more often if needed. 

Check for Tears: Look at the screens to see if they have any holes. If you find any, fix them right away. 

Ask for Help: If you can’t do these tasks on your own, it’s okay to ask someone for help. 

By following these steps, you can keep your insect screens on aluminium windows clean and working well. This means you can enjoy fresh air without any bugs. Taking care of your screens is simple and helps make your home a nicer place to live. Regular maintenance makes sure your screens stay in undamaged shape and keeps you feeling comfortable. 

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