Casement windows are a popular type of window that can provide a range of benefits, but like any type of window, they can also experience problems. Here are five common problems of casement windows:

Difficult to operate: Casement windows can become difficult to open or close over time, which can be caused by a range of issues, including worn hinges, dirt or debris in the tracks, or warped frames.

Air leaks: Casement windows can develop air leaks around the frame or sash, which can cause drafts and reduce energy efficiency in the home. This problem is often caused by a lack of proper installation or sealant around the window frame.

Water leaks: Casement windows can also develop water leaks, which can cause damage to the window frame and the surrounding structure. This problem is often caused by damaged or worn weatherstripping, improperly installed windows, or insufficient sealant.

Broken hardware: Casement windows can experience issues with the hardware, such as broken or worn-out handles, hinges, or locking mechanisms. This can make the window difficult or impossible to operate, and may compromise the security of the home.

Condensation: Casement windows can develop condensation between the glass panes, which can obscure the view and reduce the energy efficiency of the window. This problem is often caused by a broken seal around the glass or a failure in the insulated glass unit.

Regular maintenance and inspection can help prevent these problems, and timely repairs can ensure that the windows continue to operate effectively and efficiently.

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