Good Climate

Aluminium doors & windows can perform well in a range of climates, but they are particularly suitable for areas with hot, dry climates. This is because aluminium is a good conductor of heat, so it can quickly transfer heat from the outside to the inside of the building. In hot climates, this can cause the interior of the building to become too warm, which can increase the energy required for cooling.

However, aluminium doors & windows can be designed to be energy-efficient, and modern aluminium doors & windows often include thermal breaks or insulation to reduce heat transfer. With proper insulation, only aluminium doors & windows can work well in cold climates as well, though they may not be as energy-efficient as other option such as Aluminium-Clad Wood.

Bad Climate

Aluminium windows can be susceptible to some types of weather, and there are certain climates where they may not perform as well as other window materials. Here are some of the worst climates for aluminium doors & windows:

Extreme cold

In very cold climates, aluminium doors & windows can conduct heat away from the interior of the building, making the interior uncomfortably cold; if it is not thermal break door window or Aluminium-Clad wood Door Window. This can increase energy costs for heating and reduce the comfort of occupants. Other materials, such as wood or vinyl, may be better suited to these types of climates.

High humidity

Aluminium can corrode and rust over time when exposed to high levels of moisture, such as in areas with high humidity. This can cause the windows to degrade and lose their effectiveness over time.

Coastal areas

In coastal areas, aluminium doors & windows can be vulnerable to salt spray and other corrosive elements. This can cause the windows to corrode and degrade, reducing their effectiveness and longevity. In these areas, it may be better to choose windows made from materials such as vinyl or fibreglass, which are more resistant to corrosion.

Overall, the best climate for aluminium doors & windows depends on the design of the windows and the level of insulation. Aluminium doors & windows can perform well in a range of climates, but they may require additional insulation and coatings to improve their energy efficiency in areas with extreme temperatures.

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