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Types of Home Windows

Sliding Window

Popular for sleek design, install in bedroom & kitchen for panoramic views and secure ventilation. 

Hinged Window

Hinged(Casement) on one side, opens inward/outward. Offers excellent ventilation and a classic look.

Bay Window

Popular for aesthetic appeal, bay windows enhance living rooms and bedrooms, providing expansive views and ample natural light while maintaining safety. 

Awning Window

Awning windows, popular for modern style, are installed in living rooms  and bathrooms, offering unobstructed views, ventilation, and enhanced  safety features.

Bi-Fold Window

Bi-fold doors are popular for seamless indoor-outdoor living. Installed  in living rooms or kitchen, they offer stunning views, ample light, and  secure functionality. 

Hung Window

Hung windows are popular for their simplicity and elegance. Installed in  bedrooms and living rooms, they offer unobstructed views and enhance  safety with easy operation. 

Skylights Window

Skylights popular for enhancing aesthetics, installed in living areas,  bathrooms, offer expansive views, natural light, and can be secure with  modern designs for safety. 

Fixed Window

Fixed windows are popular for unobstructed views and installed in living  rooms, bedrooms, ensuring safety with a permanent, non-operable design. 

Clerestory Window

Clerestory windows are popular for light, privacy. Installed high in  walls, they offer views, natural light while ensuring security and  maintaining privacy. 

We have covered only the very popular types of windows. If you want to see the remaining types of windows,  please visit our website,