A swing door is a type of door that is hinged on one side and swings open and closed on the other side. It is one of the most common types of doors and is found in homes, offices, and public buildings.

Swing doors can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, glass, aluminium, or a combination of these materials. They can be designed to swing in either direction or to be pushed or pulled open, and they can have different types of hardware, such as knobs, handles, or push bars, depending on their use and location.

Aluminum Swing doors are popular because they are light-weight, easy to use, provide good space, and can be used in a wide variety of applications. However, they do require enough space to swing open and closed, and can be difficult to use for people with mobility issues or limited strength.

Aluminium Swing Doors are useful in various applications, including:

Residential Homes: They provide stylish and secure entryways for front doors, back doors, patio doors, and garden entrances.

Commercial Buildings: Swing aluminium doors are commonly used as entrance doors for offices, retail stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Educational Institutions: They are suitable for schools, colleges, and universities, serving as durable and secure entry points for classrooms, offices, and common areas.

Healthcare Facilities: Swing aluminium doors are ideal for hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, offering easy access while maintaining hygiene and security standards.

Industrial Spaces: They are commonly utilized in warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities, providing sturdy and reliable access points for employees and equipment.

Public Buildings: Swing aluminium doors can be found in government buildings, museums, libraries, and cultural centers, offering an inviting and aesthetically pleasing entrance.

Hospitality Sector: They are well-suited for hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, ensuring durability and security for guest room entrances and common areas.

Retail Spaces: Swing aluminium doors are commonly used in shopping malls, boutiques, and storefronts, creating an attractive and secure entry point for customers.

Double Sash Swing Door
Slim Single Swing Door

Types of Swing Doors

Right hand – Left Hand Swing Door: Left-right swing door refers to a common type of revolving door commonly used in homes, commercial establishments and public buildings. When a person approaches the door, it easily swings open to the right or left, depending on the hinge position. This special design provides seamless and convenient access for unlimited and easy movement through doorways.

Single Swing Door: The simplest door type! You have probably seen this kind of scene many times in your daily life. Imagine her single panel with a hinge that opens elegantly in one direction. Like loyal workhorses of the architecture world, these doors are versatile and can be found everywhere from cozy homes to busy offices and large commercial buildings. Its simplicity makes it timeless and versatile. Love how it seamlessly combines functionality and elegance?

An ingenious device that gracefully opens in opposite directions, like two partners dancing in perfect harmony. Imagine two hinged panels that move gracefully back and forth and then gently hug in the middle when closed, feeling like a secret pact to maintain order and convenience.

These doors are more than just a practical solution. They are the unsung heroes of high-traffic areas, such as busy shopping malls and crowded office buildings. With well-choreographed movements, they invite and disperse people with equal ease to cope with the large influx of human traffic.

Introducing Inward Swing Doors! It opens into the room, thus saving outdoor space and protecting it from external factors. Perfect for days with limited space or bad weather. Add an elegant and functional accent to any environment.

Outward Swing Doors: Clever solutions for limited interior space and a great connection to the outside world. Please try to imagine. There is a door that opens onto the great outdoors, allowing you to comfortably step outside. Whether you live in a cozy space or need seamless access to the outside, these doors have you covered. They are like your loyal companions, providing a smooth transition between indoor comfort and the natural beauty of the outside world. So open the outward swinging door and make it your way to comfort and a refreshing connection with nature.

Restaurant Swing Door: Restaurant swing doors are a practical and easy-to-use solution for busy restaurants and catering establishments. The swivel mechanism allows staff to move smoothly around the kitchen or dining area and easily transport trays and plates. These doors convey professionalism while adding charm to your dining experience.

Aluminium Restaurant Swing Door

Bi-Fold Swing Door: A double swing door consists of multiple panels that fold together and slide along a track when opened. They are popular for closets, pantries and room dividers because they save space.

Automatic Swing Door: These swing entryways have a programmed instrument that opens and shuts the entryway without the requirement for manual power. They are broadly utilized in business structures, emergency clinics and public spaces to work with access for individuals with handicaps and high traffic regions.

Pivot Swing Door: Pivoting doors rotate about a central pivot point, usually at the top and bottom of the jamb. These offer extraordinary modern flavors and are commonly found in modern engineering projects.

These are just a few examples of where swing aluminium doors can be effectively utilized, showcasing their versatility across various sectors.

Swing door hinges

Swing door hinges are essential components of hinged doors, enabling them to pivot smoothly and open or close effortlessly. These hardware pieces are located at the side of the door and frame, facilitating the swinging motion. Their sturdy construction and precise engineering ensure the door’s stability and long-lasting functionality.

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