Normal Aluminium Window vs Thermal Break Soundproof Window

Normal aluminum windows are typically constructed from a single piece of aluminum extrusion, which can conduct heat and sound easily. These windows have a simple design and are cost-effective, but they do not provide good thermal insulation or soundproofing.

On the other hand, thermal break soundproof windows are designed with a thermal break or insulation strip that separates the interior and exterior aluminum frames, creating a barrier to heat and sound. This design helps to reduce the transfer of heat and sound, making them more energy-efficient and soundproof than normal aluminum windows.

Thermal Break Aluminum Windows - Home Image

The thermal break soundproof window has double or triple panes with an insulating gas filling to improve sound reduction. The glass is also thicker than normal aluminum windows, which helps to further reduce sound transmission. Additionally, these windows may have special coatings or laminates that reduce noise levels further.

In summary, thermal break soundproof windows are more effective at reducing both heat loss and sound transmission than normal aluminum windows. However, they are generally more expensive than regular aluminum windows due to the additional materials and manufacturing process. If noise reduction is a priority, or if the window will be located in a noisy environment, then thermal break soundproof windows are an excellent option.

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