We can use Aluminium as a replacement for wood in different projects. If you’re interested in wood texture only then, it’s possible in Aluminium. Doors, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Almira, and even all building exteriors can all be Given the appearance of wood effect.

Do you want to know? How do fabricators & coating companies create this pleasant wood effect on their Aluminium profile surface?

There are two processes used consecutively to create the look.

  1. Powder Coating – One of the most common types of aluminium finishes.
    The process is: Base Coat > Curing > Cool Down.
  2. Sublimation – Used to imprint patterns after powder coating.
    This Phase process is: Film Wrapping > Air Removal from Film > Curing > Cool Down.

After completing these processes, you now have a replacement for wood that gives you all the benefits of Long-Lasting Aluminium.

There are numerous possibilities for wood textures available.

wood texture in aluminium profiles
Wood Texture in Aluminium Profiles

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