Aluminium can be utilized as a viable substitute for wood in a wide range of projects. If you specifically desire the appearance of wood texture, it is indeed achievable with aluminium. Doors, windows, kitchen cabinets, Almira, and even entire building exteriors can be given the appealing wood effect.

Are you curious to learn how fabricators and coating companies achieve this delightful wood effect on aluminium profiles? The process involves two consecutive steps:

Powder Coating: This is one of the most commonly employed techniques for aluminium finishes. It entails applying a base coat to the aluminium surface, followed by the curing process and subsequent cooling.

Sublimation: After powder coating, sublimation is employed to imprint intricate patterns resembling wood onto the aluminium surface. This phase involves a specific process: film wrapping, followed by air removal from the film, curing, and then cooling.

Upon completing these processes, you will have an excellent substitute for wood that offers all the advantages of long-lasting aluminium. This innovative technique allows for a multitude of wood textures to choose from, providing ample possibilities for customization.

There are numerous possibilities for wood textures available.

wood texture in aluminium profiles
Wood Texture in Aluminium Profiles

In summary, aluminium serves as a highly effective replacement for wood in various projects. If you desire the aesthetic appeal of wood, it is achievable through the consecutive processes of powder coating and sublimation. This approach not only imparts the appearance of wood but also grants the many benefits associated with durable aluminium. With a wide array of wood textures available, you can explore numerous options and find the perfect fit for your design preferences.

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