Awning Windows are an ideal choice for the bathroom or the kitchen, but you can use them in any room. Awning windows have an elegant appearance while offering style and functionality, providing excellent energy efficiency when paired with an energy-efficient glazing solution. Window’s hinged at the top and open out from the bottom.

Aluminium Awning Windows Design Ideas

Designs Ideas

Left-Right Openable. Mid Portion is fixed.
One Side Fixed. One Side Openable.
Both Panel are Openable.
Single-Pane Awning Window
Size in Height – Half. Both Panel are Openable.
Size in Height – Half. Single pane awning window.
Bottom Portion is fixed. Upper pane is openable.
Bottom Portion is fixed. Two Upper panel is openable.
Two Upper panel (Left-Right) are openable with fixed portions.
Two bottom portion (Left-Right) are fixed. Two upper panel are openable.
Three Side Fixed. One Side Openable.
Both side bottom portion and middle portion is fixed. Left-Right Upper panel is openable.
Middle portion is fixed. Left-Right panels are openable.
Left Large pane and bottom area is fixed. Right upper panel is openable.
Left Large pane is fixed. Right Bottom area is fixed. Right upper panel is openable.
Both Panel is openable.

Pros and Cons of Awning Windows

Pros : Better Ventilation, More Modern Look, Low in Cost, Aluminium is Best Material for Awning Windows, Energy-efficient, Provide Great Security.
Cons : Not Helpful in Emergency Exit Situations. Not Good for areas like patios, porches, decks, sidewalks and terraces. Harder to Clean.

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